Occupy LEGO Universe is a Day of Action being organized by a group of 4th & 5th grade students under the supervision of their teachers. We have been using LEGO Universe in our after school & studio programs since March 2011. We are a small independent school in the USA. You can read more about that program on our "Saving the Universe" wiki.

We were pretty sad to learn that LEGO Universe will close on January 31, 2012. We wanted to do something, but weren't sure what to do. We started to investigate what fans from around the world were doing trying to save this very special game. You can view their efforts on a special page called "Save LEGO Universe" posted on our wiki. Inspired by all the fans using social media to try and save LEGO Universe, we decided to try and do something really big. This is our idea. We don't know if it will work, but we are curious to see how much influence we can have to organize all the fans to participate in a day of action.

For more information, please contact our teacher, Knowclue.