Teacher's Journal: Knowclue

Laying_around_minifig_2.pngFriday, December 2, 2011

Lunch meeting with organizers. FantasticSmilingUnicorn and NeoNexusPiano show up. We customize wiki and twitter account with the new logo and then go live with our first twitter, "
#**SaveLEGOUniverse** - Calling 4 Day of Action: Occupy LEGO Universe on New Year's Eve - Details". MrMalm is our first follower! :-D and Steven Caldwell is the first to retweet us! Yay!

After school I edit the footage captured by Thursday's class and post our first movie to YouTube. We are officially launched!

1.jpg.pngThursday, December 1, 2011

NeoNexusPiano designs original logo for Occupy LEGO Universe! Epic Adventures, our after school class, works together to create a machinima to promote Occupy LEGO Universe. Everyone took their minifigures to the center of Nimbus Station. ActionJackson and FantasticSmilingUnicorn did the screen capture as the class coordinated what they wanted to say. We found out that we could not write "occupy" because of the game filter. We figured out we could use "Ok u pie" instead and that we could use "thirsty first" for "thirty first". Gotta love kids ability to find ways around the filter. :-D

head_spin_3.pngMonday, November 28, 2011

The 5th Grade Game Studio begins class with a review of videos posted on the Save LEGO Universe page of our Saving the Universe wiki. We discuss how fans from all over the world are trying to do something to save their favorite game. We talked about our own efforts and how we started to do something, but never followed through. The kids said they still wanted to do something and threw around a few ideas. I suggested we do something big and pointed out how all of these fans were trying to do things using social media, but no one was organizing the effort. We talked about the possibility of trying to organize a meet in the game. That idea seemed to capture everyone's imagination. Could a bunch of kids in school organize something so big? We decided to give it a shot. Three students volunteered to organize.

I met with the three organizers and we got to work. Our first task was to talk about what kind of meet-up would work for everyone. We knew it had to be a day everyone would be available and could remember. Someone suggested Christmas, but we realized that it is not a holiday everyone celebrates and, if they do, kids might be to busy to come. We then thought of New Year's Eve. Easy to remember and one month before the closing. We figure people would be around because it was on a weekend. Done! New Year's Eve!

Our next task was a name. We talked about using the term Occupy Nimbus Station and had a serious conversation about whether using "occupy" would give our project a negative
connotation because some people may have strong or negative feelings about "Occupy Wall Street". After some discussion, the kids decided that it was important to have a name that people would "get" and they thought that everyone around the world would understand "occupy" as meaning a gathering of people wanting change and not to mean just the original idea of "Occupy Wall Street". Pretty sophisticated for 5th graders, eh? They went on to decide that we should use LEGO Universe rather than Nimbus Station because LU was more recognizable and we are trying to save LU. Also a smart decision!

We talked about logistics. How were we going to organize the masses to meet up at a specific time? We decided we couldn't. We did think that we could just ask everyone to show up sometime on New Year's Eve, where ever they lived. If we made the target time the top of the hour on every hour, than that would give us at least some frame work for organization. We could ask participants to document they participated by taking pictures of video and adding it to our wiki or YouTube channel.

The next hurtle was how to get the word out. We decided we would use a wiki, YouTube and Twitter to contact fans.